About Team Ogre

First and foremost, we are believers in Texas' deregulated electricity market. Our team of industry experts and developers have revolutionized the electricity marketplace and given the power back to the people.


We also wholeheartedly believe that our work, in and out of the office, is a reflection of our values, as well as our passion for both the amazingly complex electricity industry and the people that use it.


With a new wave of Ogres joining each day, Team Ogre is increasingly filled with individuals committed to serving Texas for the social, environmental, and economic good. 


If you're searching for a community with meaning, you've found us! We are dedicated to neighbors helping neighbors.

For any questions, concerns, or inquiries please feel free to reach out below.


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About Us

First and foremost, we are believers in the Texas deregulated electricity market. 


We, also, wholeheartedly believe that our Ogre work in and out of the office is a reflection of our values and heart for both the amazingly exciting complex electricity industry and people that use it.


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