We all know an Ogre who is a beacon of light in the community. Those who shine and live their brightest life. We also know that everyone can use a helping hand once in a while.

Energy Ogre would like to give back to Ogre's who give so much or who are trying to get back on their feet.

For a few lucky nominees, every year we offer:

  • Free Energy Ogre Membership(s)

  • Payment of Early Termination Fee(s)

  • Payment of Deposit Fee(s)

  • A YEAR OF FREE ELECTRICITY for 1 Ogre All-Star

To nominate an Ogre please read the eligibility rules here and submit your

Ogre All-Star here.

Below are the stories of our Ogre All-Star winners!

2020 could be you or a loved one!


Denise Hernandez is the youngest Assistant District Attorney in Austin, TX. She is also a social entrepreneur focusing on issues that affect LGBTQ women of color and  survivors of domestic abuse.

Assistant District Attorney

Denise Hernandez


Samuel is a classically trained jazz musician from Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. He founded a Music Academy for low income families that offers music classes, composition classes, and training to underprivileged  children.


Samuel Pina

anita casas.jpg

Anita is a Special Needs and Life Skills teacher in CFISD. She has dedicated her 20 year career to helping special needs children in and out of her classroom.


Anita Casas

Max Thumbs-02_edited.png

Ogre All-Star 2020

Could be you!

About Us

First and foremost, we are believers in the Texas deregulated electricity market. 


We, also, wholeheartedly believe that our Ogre work in and out of the office is a reflection of our values and heart for both the amazingly exciting complex electricity industry and people that use it.


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